Congratulations!! You've reached the site of the Addis Ababa Hash House Harriers a.k.a. AAHHH a.k.a. A2H3 as it was per 31 december 2002. You're welcome to browse around, check out how the running was back then, what's been happening; you can even have look at our silly mugs.

The current website is located at

On On!

On this site you'll find the following sections:

  • Run Info
    Where we meet and when; information on Ethiopia.
  • Events
    Special or theme runs; all-day hashes; 1000th run!.
  • Trash
    All the news unfit to print; run reports between 14/04/2001 (run 927) and 28/12/2002 (run 1017).
  • History
    A brief history of the Addis Hash; former GMs; run milestones.
  • Contact
    How to contact the Addis Hash.
  • Gallery
    A photographic record.

Run at 3,000 meters above sealevel!


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